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(847) 234.3120
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Happy Thanksgiving!  It is that time of year that families get together for these delicious flavorful seasoned dishes, but if you have a dog, these human foods don’t get along great with them.  These rich foods can cause diarrhea and even worse pancreatitis if you do not watch what you give them.

I know that sounds scary which it should, but we have your attention now which is great.  You do not need to exclude them from the activities, but watch what they eat including from other guests.  In fact tell them to not feed the dog at all.

So what can you give your dog?  Well the answer is only things in their pure, raw and unseasoned forms.  Here are a few things you can give them, but only in moderation:

  1. Sweet Potatoes
  2. Carrots
  3. Turkey
  4. Green Beans
  5. Pumpkin
  6. Bread
  7. Apples

Many of these you can provide your dog as you are preparing the meal, or even just set them aside before you season them.  Now if all else fails and you do not have these or are scared of giving them these items, most pet stores have Thanksgiving themed treats that you can buy and give them throughout the day.

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