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Why Should Your Dog Get a De-shed?

Everyone who owns a dog knows that it is a struggle to keep up with a shedding dog and get it under control. It is a difficult task, but there are many things that can be done to minimize this. First, we need to understand why a dog sheds.

Why do they shed?

Your dog’s hair grows in cycles and the initial phase is when the hair shaft is actively growing. The shedding phase or resting phase is when the hair reaches maturity. Most dogs shed to a certain degree, which is natural and allows their new coat to come in, but some shed more than others while others shed very little. If you are not wanting your home, car, clothing and most importantly your furniture covered with dog hair, Lake Forest Kennel Club recommends that you de-shed your dog. At least once a month is preferred or even more if your dog is prone to shedding. Remember, for some dogs, shedding can be very uncomfortable, itchy and can cause skin complications.

What does de-shedding mean?

De-shedding a dog is when you remove the loose undercoat hair and this helps the get rid of hair that will eventually end up in the car, house, clothing and furniture. De-shedding will help your dog be more comfortable and keep their skin and coat healthy.

Take control of your dog’s shedding

Getting into a habit of brushing or combing your dog is key to controlling shedding and here some things to consider also.

1. Dogs shed due to weather changes
2. Shedding is uncomfortable for your dog in most cases
3. Get into a routine
4. De-shedding will keep their coat and skin healthy
5. Minimize skin irritations and complications

Lake Forest Kennel Club offers grooming services from baths to trimming to de-shedding. Visit our website today at www.lakeforestkennelclub.com today to schedule an appointment.